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ActiveMind Meditation 
Beginners' Class

Achieve Deep, Transformational Meditation In Just 10 Minutes A Day.

6 Hours
of training 
Every two months
intake pace 

Why this program?

This program is for people who is looking to meditate better or just wants to get started.

If you are a seasoned mediator or a newbie, you may have noticed how tricky meditation can be to master. Most of meditation training are following ancient guidelines such as focusing on breathing, clean your mind. The modern science told us different ways to harvest the maximum benefits of mediation practice.

ActiveMind meditation: Beginners’ Class is a new framework for meditation: designed by Huiling Ding based on her three areas of knowledge:

1. Neuroscience researches and studies about meditation

2. Ancient meditation rules and guidelines

3. Psychology therapist techniques and practices (such as self-hypnosis, etc.)

The class is designed as a six-week curriculum (one hour online session per week) and that combines powerful guided exercises and meditations with real-world applications. You'll master skills and methods such as increase focus, compassion, envisioning the future — and more.

Through this class, you’ll even discover how to feel joy during meditation. You will not only feel powerful during the practice, you’ll feel the changes in your life too. We believe this program is a guaranteed way to “flip” your life from one of struggle, stress, and frustration... into a fresh new place of inner confidence, resilient, prosperity, and joy.


Meet Your Trainer

     Huiling Ding spent 20 years building a successful corporate career: From software engineer, to global leader in a multinational company with >50b Euro annual sales. Although she was living a very comfortable life, she was not happy. Thankfully, life challenges drove her to change, evolve and find her true purpose.​

     She broadened and certified her expertise in advanced psychology and neuroscience. She proceeded to shape her science-based coaching.

She created ActiveMind Meditation as a tool for managing her own business career, this extraordinary approach to meditation is now used by entrepreneurs, CEOs, and Executives as an essential part of their wellness and peak performance routines.

What you will learn?

  1. Greater concentration in life:
    Learn to bring your awareness back to your body, focus on the right things in your life.

  2. Self-Love & Acceptance:
    Dive into your subconscious mind, explore your true nature, and gain unconditional love and acceptance for your unique journey and character.

  3. A Sense Of Limitless Abundance:
    Return your mind to release the patterns of lack holding you back from playing a bigger game, and reaching for what you really want in life.

  4. Choose Happiness:
    Turn happiness into your default state. You won’t even need a specific reason to experience joy anymore - it simply flows out of you.

  5. Feel More Connected To Life:
    Attune yourself to the people and energies surrounding you, so that instead of feeling alone or isolated, you feel connected and supported in everything you do.

  6. Be More Compassionate:
    Deepen your compassion towards yourself and others. Discover how to go beyond the illusion of separation, and channel limitless love and empathy to all.

  7. Strengthen Your Stress Resilience:
    Through regular meditation, you’ll no longer feel overwhelmed by big tasks, uncertainties, or to-do lists. Everything unfolds smoothly for you.

  8. Learn To Forgive:
    Whether it’s an unresolved conflict, or something you still feel guilty or bad about - discover how to project true and unconditional forgiveness onto yourself and others.

The curriculum

Every week, one hour conference call (DingTalk) to explain the knowledge and practice together.

Each week, you will receive one meditation record (around 10 minutes) to help you to do daily meditation.

By the end of the curriculum, you’ll have a rock-solid foundation for your meditation practice - and a tool you’ll use for life to perform, heal, think, and live at your peak.

The science behind Meditation and Introducing to grounding technique to be “Indistractable”
Dealing with your resistance could be the key to why you are stuck in your own situation. Let’s help you to release resistance by creating an allowing state within our body.
The science behind compassion and the Circle of Compassion Technique to increase self-love and compassion towards others.
Learn benefits of gratitude and gratitude practice.
​Learn the Envisioning Technique to manifest your future. Dream bigger!
Explain how to create your own meditation practice and some advanced use of meditation.

Claim your access to ActiveMind meditation- beginners’ class.

Join Huiling Ding in this 6 weeks program. And discover a far easier and better way to enjoy the full benefits of meditation.

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