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Enjoy a guaranteed performance boost within 30 Days. By drawing on the latest findings in neuroscience, physiology, and psychology, this program rewires you with a behavioral formula calls “peak performance”. It also foster you step by step to enter “Flow” mode in every area of your life. You will experience a breakthrough in your work performance and your team’s performance thanks to leading edge practices that shift permanently your habits & emotions.

Build a system for long term change in your work psychology simply by shifting your relationship with your work. This program is designed to shift your body and mind to the best version of you.

- What is Flow? -

Flow is optimal state of consciousness, when we are in flow, our productivity increase to 500%!

Do you want to learn about it, manage to enter this state as you want?


This program is for you if you:

  • Want to bring your performance to next level.

  • Are tired to lose focus or lack of energy.

  • Are busy the all day but the outcomes are not sufficient.

  • Are overwhelmed by workloads and responsibilities.

  • Want to increase the performance of your team.

  • Wish to improve life quality in all dimensions - health, work, relationship.

This is how Peak Performance program is structured so you get concrete, lasting results in 30 days.

- Course Setting -

GROUP: 5-6 people will form a study group. They will be come from executive leaders or entrepreneurs.

EACH WEEK: face to face workshop (2H - online/offline) + 2 online calls (0.5H)

TAKE AWAY: at the end of the 30 days, you will have a final one to one coaching session.

JOIN: a life long learning community.


- Week 1 -

MIND: You will learn about how to be "indistractable", how to improve your focus in daily life. And a daily practice will be introduced.

BODY: The first week you will be explained about some food myth and introduced to some daily routine practice to help you sleep and eat better. There will be no big change in your diet, only an increase of your awareness about the impact of what you eat.

- Week 2 -

MIND: You will learned all the things about stress and how to release stress. And a stress release technique will be introduced.


BODY: The second week you will adjust your sleep time according to your chronotype and adapt your diet - nothing dramatic but you’ll follow your natural needs of your body. Introduce you a 4 minutes workout to maximize the cardiovascular benefits and raise your mitochondrial density. Introduce you a strength workout to maximize the Strength To Muscle Mass Ratio.

- Week 3 -


MIND: This week you will focus on how to stack all your intrinsic motivations to maximum your performance. And how to train your grits to improve resilience. Finally, how to build up a team with all these potentials.

BODY: Increase your energy level further with fat burning mode instead of sugar burning. Introduce you a 4 minutes workout to maximize the cardiovascular benefits and raise your mitochondrial density. And additionally you will be introduced to some recover, mobility training.

- Week 4 -

MIND: This week will be most interesting part of this program, the concept of flow (in the zone). What is flow? How to enter flow mode to maximum your performance? How to build an organization to promote flow in work space?

BODY: This phase of the program is about making sure the changes you have just made for your body stays with you for life. You will be introduced about how to live in seasonal food life style and keep long term healthy. And final suggestions for some periodically sports you can do to maximum your body health.


Huiling Ding is a lead expert in peak performance and transformational coach.

Prior to this, she was managing director in Top 100 Multinational company for decades. She also worked as Executive coach for worldwide executives in the company.

After her multinational company experience, she decided to study psychology and counseling. She is certified by Institute of Psychology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Since then it has been her life’s passion to help people for personal growth in terms of becoming an extraordinary leader and happy fulfillment from life. 


I proceeded to shape my science-based coaching. Individually or in small groups, I help shed new light to my clients’ unconscious habits. With different methodologies and techniques I offer a way to break through unconscious limitations and unlock their full potential.

Meet Huiling Ding: The extraordinary Woman behind this program


Cat Stretching on Sheets

Sleep better at night, wake up rejuvenated!

Food Knolling

Eat right food, stop cravings &

enjoy food.

Running Gear


Spend minimum time in sport & get the  maximum benefits.



Boost work performance by managing to

work in flow.




your mental performance

Manage your

stress in

moderate level.

Done Deal


Build up a high performance




Connect with

your body

and mind.



Here’s everything you get when you enroll:

  • Weekly 2 hours session offline in Shanghai (or online) + 2 online sessions (0.5h each) for 1 month to reach your peak performance.

  • Customized coaching sessions to your personal needs.

  • Including pre-recorded practices and other supporting materials.

  • Along with direct feedbacks for any of your questions during the program (WeChat, etc...).

  • Two assessments, one before and one after the program

  • Plus final one to one feedback and coaching session

  • Plus life long community friends.


30 Days Program

The difference between world top performer and you is not about that they can do something you can’t, is about that they can do something consistently so they don’t need to use willpower to do things anymore. Create peak performance habits are the key to success!

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